Denim Sue's Wiltshire Diary
Denim Sue's Wiltshire Diary
Denim Sue's Wiltshire Diary is a Rabelasian ramble through the ramshackle mind of a woman with far too much time on her hands and not enough sense to keep her thoughts to herself. Eco-warriors, born-again hippies and dedicated tree-huggers alike will find much to amuse and edify them in the following pages. The rest of you would be far better off nipping down the pub for a swift half...
1. On Writing
On Writing I have found by experience that before you write anything it is best to have some sort of idea. I'm not exactly sure how often I get ideas as they invariably only come when I am busy doing something else. I usually scribble something down on a piece of paper, tea towel, feed sack or whatever happens to be handy. Needless to say these items are invariably washed, lost or washed and lost and the idea has gone forever like a fart in a gale.
2. The Doctor
The Doctor The village doctor is a short, plumpish, good natured widow of Jewish extraction in her fifties. She is a great believer that ill people should stay at home, an unusual concept amongst most doctors. This, combined with an ever increasing number of elderly patients without any transport, means the good doctor spends a major part of her day travelling from remote cottage to farm in an ancient and battered Fiat 127.
3. On Market Day
Market Day Little Robbie is awake and trying to inform the whole household of the fact. It's bloody cold. Grab my dressing gown, grab a clean nappy and liner and grab baby and stumble down two flights of stairs to the kitchen where Derek is already slobbing about, reading some agricultural literature. He has made up the wood burner, however, so I put kettle on top and look forward to some real toast with butter.
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