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Should you wash your Pussy?
Ms Givings explains how to care for a girl's best friend

Do pussies really need to be bathed? Not always. In fact, most pussies only need to be bathed if they start to exude a foul smelling or harmful substance, or have a skin condition. I have never bathed my pussy. You can do a fine job of keeping your pussy clean with your tongue and fingers, and frequent bathing can actually dry it's skin and hair and cause more problems than it solves. But if you must do it, here's the proper way:

Bathing Pussy

First, brush or comb your pussy thoroughly. Never wet a matted coat. Few modern short-haired pussies will have mats, but if any sticky substance such as hardened cream or chocolate is in the fur, carefully clip or comb it out before wetting. Wetting will only make such problems worse.
Use a gentle, natural shampoo for your pussy. Avoid lanolin, deodorants, pesticides, or citrus fruits. All these things are irritating or toxic to pussies, or coat their fur. My husband personally likes some of the new products containing oatmeal, which taste really nice and leaves the skin of my pussy feeling really soft and clean.

Have a pile of towels, and somewhere to sit while your partner or close friend holds your pussy. Use an empty shampoo bottle, and mix the shampoo with warm water, so when you apply it to your pussy it's warm, not cold. Cold liquids will make pussy flinch. Don't forget to lay a folded towel under your pussy's bottom to soak up any spills. This makes any pussy feel really secure.
I like to have the water running before I begin washing my pussy. I let the towel get nice and warm and wet before sitting her down on it. Hold pussy firmly with your fingers grasping the fur if necessary. Then use a hand-held sprayer to gently wet her all over before finishing her off with a brisk rub down.

If you find this over-excites your pussy you are washing her too often.

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