Ms Givings Very Personal Problem Pages
Ms Givings Personal Problem Pages
Some very personal problems visitors have sent to us are of an intimate nature. If you are of a shy, nervous nature, please leave while your pants are still clean
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NOTE FOR THE VERY DIM. Although every question on these VERY PERSONAL PROBLEMS pages is a genuine plea for help from some desperately sad tosser, our witty, literate answers are entirely satirical and NOT to be taken seriously! What do you mean 'not to be taken seriously?' Do you mean you're deliberately taking the piss out of people with very personal problems? We might be.. You heartless bitches! Look, we didn't ask the clueless wankers to write to us, did we? No...but— But what? Well...some of these people need HELP?! I'll say; so why are they writing to a site called 'Utterpants'? Where does it say that? At the top of every page on the site in letters an inch high. Couldn't you make it a bit more obvious? Well—we could, but then the desperately sad tossers might not write to us. Would that be a bad thing? Not for them, obviously. But we'd be well gutted. Why's that? Well, we couldn't take the piss out of the desperately sad tossers and their VERY PERSONAL PROBLEMS, could we?

David asks: I caught my wife giving and receiving oral sex from another man

Jenna asks: Why is he so spineless?

Brett asks: I like this girl but she seems a little bit out of my league

Keshia asks: I'm not a virgin, but it sure felt like my first time

Taylor asks: Should I just wait for him to like me?

Janice asks: My husband likes to dress up as a girl and have me humiliate him

Carmen asks: I have little bumps on my clitoris

Larissa asks: I just got asked by a guy if my pussy was pink

Kayleigh asks: My mates all call me a fat freak

Jim asks: I have a problem with my erection

Rhiannon asks: I really need some help in masturbation

Tynky Wynky asks: My pussy is itchy and there's some white stuff around it

Rakanesha asks: I just feel used. What should I do?

Cathy asks: My husband has been writing to you about his erectile dysfunction

Zeb asks: I'm 14 and don't have a girlfriend. What should I do?

Jessica asks: I'm so depressed. My boyfriend is holding me back

Craig asks: When I'm having a wank it's over too quickly

Sam asks: Is it normal to lick me mum's knickers?

Emma asks: what shall i do to get over him i have tried everything??

Jules asks: My husband spanking me panties down turns me on

Neecy asks: How far can the penis go down your throat before you choke?

Neecy asks again: My boyfriend wants to have sex every night

Becki asks: mi bf sniffed coke n i sed choose coke or me

Terry asks: I've recently had sex for the first time...

Gemma asks: I got so excited that I weed all over my boyfriend!

Laura asks: How do I make him cum faster?

Helen asks: I am really turned on by wetting my panties

Jane asks: I noticed that my vagina had this white stuff in it

Ken asks: I never even get a goodnight kiss any more

Sachiel asks: I can't give my girlfriend an orgasm

Leean asks: My pussy is kinda big and my asshole has all dark around it

Carole asks: My husband is thinking of paying for sex

Anna asks: My boyfriend is always complaining my pussy is loose

Nikki asks: I caught my guy hiding a girl's 'phone number in his shoe

Tara asks: A boy touched my vagina and complained it was hairy

Another Emma asks: I REALLY LIKE this boy in 6th grade

Kayla asks: Most nights when I go to sleep I always cum in the bed

Emily asks: i wanna know if i shd loose the dickhead or keep him?

Nina asks: My little pussy is so lonely, what can I do?

Freddie asks: A girl keeps making excuses when I ask her out!

Jack asks: She's hurting me so much, what should I do?


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Problems added 22nd December 2005. ©
FOR THE VERY DIM. Our Problem Pages are a satirical parody and not to be taken seriously
Very Personal problems
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Very Personal problems
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Very Personal problems
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Very Personal problems
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Very Personal problems
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