Britney in Wild Sex RompBritney seeks annulment of Wild Sex Romp

By our man in the Music Biz - Dale Petrie


Pop sensation Britney Spears is reportedly carrying the love child of a fan — or possibly the whole road crew — after a wild sex romp at a concert in L.A. last year. Our intrepid reporter was able to get an exclusive interview with Britney before she spoke to her attorney, her publicist, or the short, mouthy bitch who she's been seen tonguing lately

"So, we understand congratulations are in order," began our reporter.
“Yeah, I’m really pleased the controversy over my fake wedding has started to blow over," cooed the curvaceous cutie.
"I meant your little bundle of joy."
“Yeah, Jason is kind of little in that department," replied Britney, "but like, he sure did bring me some joy. I mean, he’s no Justin, but not every man can afford one of those — um, like pump thingies, can they?”

Our reporter patiently explained that he was not referring to the size of Jason Alexander's wedding tackle but to the fruitful curves of the starlet's naked tummy which he was having difficulty keeping his hands off — or another, similarly fleshy part of his anatomy.
"Let's forget about Jason for a second, and start over, shall we?” he asked huskily.
“Shoot.” said the pint-sized pop princess, pulling her shorts a little lower.
“So, Britney," gulped our reporter, "we heard you’re pregnant?"
“Eeww — that !”
“So are the rumours true?”
“Well, like — sort of…”
“So, you’re, like ‘sort of’ pregnant then? How does that work?”
“Well, I’m, like a bit pregnant right now, but I’m gonna, like, y'know talk to my lawyers and get it annulled."

“You mean an abortion, don't you?" we asked.
"Britney does it againOh gosh no," replied the bubblegum-chewing babe. "I'd like, never have an abortion. I mean it's wrong to kill a baby, right?”
“So if you’re not going to have an abortion, how are you getting rid of the baby?"
“Well, like I told you — I’m getting an annulment.”
“You’re having your pregnancy annulled?”
“No, I’m having that wild sex party annulled."
“I don’t think you can do—”
“—Look!" interrupted the simpering starlet. "It’s simple. My lawyers, like explained it to me. If you do something stupid because you don’t realise there are — like consequences, then you can, like, have it annulled, 'kay?”
"Uh huh," commented our reporter bemusedly.
“It’s like my wedding to Jason, y’know?" continued the prick-teasing pop idol. "I mean, I didn’t think it was a real wedding, I thought we were having one of those fake weddings like on TV."
"Fake wedding?" we asked.
The petite pop princess paused to show a bit more belly and continued breezily.
“Yeah, like a Vegas wedding. You know, like when people say to each other ‘do you want to have a real wedding, or do you just like, want to go to Vegas? Like a Vegas wedding isn't ‘married’ married, is it?"
"If you say so Britney," we replied "We don't have Vegas weddings in Britain."
“Oh — gosh! Like I was forgetting you're from England, right? Is that, like the same as the 'UK?"

We let that pass and asked the pregnant pop sensation what the connection was between a fake wedding in Las Vegas and the very visible bun in her bulging oven.
“Like, hello?" Retorted Britney sharply. "Jeez you Brits are dumb. When I was having dirty sex with those four boys backstage, I didn’t think it was real sex; not the kind of sex I had with Justin where we were like, really in love, y'know? I thought it was the kind of sex I had with Jason — where you’re just really, really horny, so it doesn’t count? I figured if it didn’t count, I couldn’t get pregnant.”
"Let me get my head around this," said our bemused reporter. “You had four guys cum all over you backstage at one of your concerts, but you didn’t think it was real sex?”

“Exactly!" exclaimed the starlet triumphantly. "You see, I always figured Justin took my cherry, 'cos he was the first person to have real sex with me. Like, we were really in love and it meant something. But all those other guys before and after him didn't count, kind of like a Vegas wedding, y'know?”
“And how does knowing this mean you're not pregnant?” we asked.
“Because like I said, I didn’t know what I was doing. I was, like, y'know crazy that night. I didn’t know you could get pregnant from, like, just foolin' around with four guys behind a trailer, so I’m just gonna have my lawyers do what they did before and have that sex party annulled, so it never happened, then I won’t be pregnant anymore, will I?”
“And you don’t see any problem with this approach?” asked our reporter.
“Well, I haven’t talked to my lawyers yet," squealed the squeaky-clean singer, "and I guess it might be kinda hard to find all four of those guys, much less find out which one of ‘em knocked me up, but I’ve got money and that usually solves these kinds of problems. Biggest problem would be if all four of 'em got me co-pregnant, then we'd probably need all their signatures.”

“Well Britney, it’s been quite an experience talking to you," we said.
“The pleasure’s all mine," pouted the pop personality. "Is there some way I can repay you for letting me set the record straight?”
“Well, I suppose, a blow job doesn’t really count as sex, does it?” asked our reporter nonchalantly.
“Well, that’s how I understand it," replied the raunchy rock star. "I think that’s a law now because President Clinton said it didn’t count. You want one?”
“Well — if it would make you feel better...”
“Kewl!" squealed the silicone-enhanced Barbie doll, eagerly unbuttoning our reporter's chinos. "But you’d better wrap your rascal just in case, I don’t want to get one of those throat pregnancies. I don't think you can get those annulled, can you?”

So, there you have it. Britney Spears may be several piercings short of a colander, but who cares? She can sing, she can dance, she looks like a million bucks and this reporter can confirm she sucks the chrome off a trailer hitch.

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