Britney Spears sells her panties Britney Spears sells her Panties

By our woman with her fingers in America's dirty laundry,
Brianna Banks
A pair of black, silk knickers, owned by the legendary pop tart Britney Spears, were snapped up at a Christie's auction in New York today for $959,051, making them the most expensive panties in the world

The see-through black lace panties which the imaginative Ms Spears had apparently nicknamed 'Happy Valley,' were sold for ten times the price Christina Aguilera's pink lace thong fetched in a similar auction last week. Britney's knickers were bought by an anonymous American buyer said to be acting on behalf of someone close to Justin Timberlake — or possibly a hotel heiress who would like to burn them. Britney Spears used the pants from 2000 to 2003 on stage, but is said to have washed them 'at least twice' during that period, which considerably lowered their value at the auction.

The Christie's paparazzi-packed bash also saw a whole lot of other celebrity paraphernalia being sold. One of Paris Hilton's bras — A rare black lace, 1996 Dolce & Gabbana double 'A' cup — was sold for $242,500. Two slightly stained pairs of size 4 hip-hugging jeans, thought to have been worn by the Olsen twins — it is not clear which one — were purchased for $437,500 by a short, fat guy in a plastic raincoat. The auction raised a total of $19.43 million.

The proceeds of the sale of Britney Spears' knickers will go towards the cost of her medical treatment for Ciccone's Chorea — a neurological disorder characterized by rapid, aimless, uncontrollable movements of the thighs, hips and crotch, as reported by Utterpants earlier this year.

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