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Here are a few links to some top notch satire and humour sites, real News and independent media sites, a lot of vaguely related satirical and humorous sites and sites which have bugger all to do with humor. Enjoy.
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Top quality Satire and humour

A deliciously wicked swipe at the hypocrisy and unspeakable perversions that fester behind the chintz curtains of middle-class suburbia. The Sleaze's unashamedly British sense of humour and smut-laden satire are an inspiration to us all. Well..not really, but when a dirty old perve bungs fifty quid in your knickers to advertise his awful website you've got to be a bit sucky, haven't you?

The Watley Review
E F Watley is a contradiction among Americans; a gentleman of Immense Erudition, impeccable Breeding and rapier-like wit. If you are looking for Refined and Charming Satire from an ealier era The Watley Review will not disappoint.

AVANT NEWS - Tomorrow's News Today
Avant News is a shiny new pimple on the bottom of the satirical pixie; a unique news source that provides the ultimate in late-breaking news: news that hasn't even broken yet and may never break. If that sounds enigmatic, visit them, you won't be disappointed.

The Borowitz Report
Andy Borowitz is the gentle voice of reason in a country ruled by an asshole worshipped by millions of moronic pricks. A firm favourite with our writers!

The White House
Piranha teeth don't get any sharper than this. The White House are the snarling Pit Bull Terriers of satire and take no prisoners. Not for the gullible or squeamish.

The Rockall Times - the UK's leading newspaper!
This lonely outpost of Empire parodies the worst excesses of British tabloid journalism with biting sarcasm and sparkling wit. Pity the Editor is an egoistical old piss artist who won't return our webmistress' knickers.

HumorFeed—offering the web's best, most consistent satire news feed

Real News and Independent Media

Bi-weekly American muckraking newsletter bringing readers the stories that the corporate press never prints

Democratic Underground
Revolting Americans protest against Rethuglicanism. Heady stuff

Correcting the distorted vision of the corporate media
Correcting the distorted vision of the corporate media

Michael Moore
Mouthy muckraker America loves to hate mouths off

Sherlock Holmes parody
Sherlockian.Net: Pastiches, parodies, new stories of the Detective's Adventures - excellent Sherlock Holmes resource maintained by Chris Redmond with links to some remarkable new stories - unmissable!
Parodies of the Detective's Adventures - from the talented pen of Mr. Öjevind Lång. Take it from us his stuff is pant-wettingly good.
Lady Whitebread's Apparition - The Great Detective gets the the bottom of a very unsavoury mystery (Very explicit Adult humour!)

Other online Satire and humour sources you might like

Check Please!

This invaluable resource for the online satire and journalism communities is devoted to the serious examination of online satire and edited by the inestimable Ezekiel F Watley. It's affiliated to Humorfeed, but none the worse for that.

Nothing to do

Apparently they spend their time scouring the web for the latest games, funny pictures, special offers, humorous animations and cool stuff. Nuff said.

Grumpier Old Men
More of a forum than a website, this bastion of British outrage at the frustrations and annoyances of life, is a haven for Grumpy Old Men (and women).

John Fanzine
Clever British lads dish out a big helping of satire and some hilarious movies
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Stuff we rather like

Brown & Forrest
A small family run smokery, started 22 years ago in Somerset which produces the finest smoked eel and salmon we have ever tasted!

That's about it. Pants, isn't it? So it's probably best to forget you ever saw this page, put the kettle on, put your feet up and settle in for a long stay where you know the content really is utter pants.
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Utterpants Satire News Stories
Amish Adult Stores go Franchise Amish Adult Stores go Franchise
by Don Pitts
Porn blamed for Sperm donor shortage Porn blamed for Sperm donor shortage
by Keli McTaggart
Man jailed for 'antisocial haircut'
Man jailed for 'antisocial haircut'
by Miranda Givings
Chav Christmas Shopping Chav Christmas Shopping
We strip away the crotchless thongs..
One of our submarines is missing One of our submarines is missing - A salty tale of high jinx on the high seas
Council welcomes Gypo Fest
Council welcomes Gypo Fest

by Barry Subchimp
LOTR Parody
Our Caring team get to the bottom of what's troubling you
LOTR Parody
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Snow White and the Seven Dwarves - a classic fairy tale retold by Miranda Givings
The Evils of Coffee The Evils of Coffee - Mercedes Dannenberg spills the beans
How not to save your Marriage How not to save your Marriage - Derek Tree recounts the cautionary tale
Pussy stops pussy play Pussy stops pussy play - Jennifer Gardner has a spot of bother with a cat
Monty Python: The Lord of The Rings Monty Python: The Lord of The Rings - James Haines epic parody in 64 pages!
Sherlock Holmes Parody Sherlock Holmes Parody - Stirring adventures to chill the blood and moisten the gusset
Pantypost: your letters
Panty Post
- abusive letters from outraged readers. Probably..
The perils of Public Loos exposed The perils of Public Loos exposed - Miranda Givings lifts the lid
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