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'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves'

Cyn, from Las Vegas, in the USA, writes: I haven't had a chance to read alot of the other stories on here but one that I had to take a minute to look at was Miranda & Keli's version of Snow White...OMG, that was laugh out loud funny and just the perfect amount of naughty! Bravo ladies!!

David, from New York, in the USA writes: Miranda S Givings and Keli McTaggart are to be congratulated for sending up our obsession with wealth, beauty and fame in this clever and funny contemporary 'morality tale.' But to truly appreciate what they've achieved requires some knowledge of the pagan folklore tale of "Scheewitchen" (Snow White), it's adaptation into a Puritanical Christian morality tale by the brothers Grimm, and the extension of that anti-feminist agenda into society's present objectification of women.

In the first paragraph, we are introduced to the idea that decadent royalty has been replaced in modern society by decadent entertainment personalities, whilst the servility of women referenced by the original's sewing has been replaced by the servility of shaving to attract men. Underlying the overt humour is the message that the modern objectification of women is really no more 'liberating' than the enforced virginity of the time of Grimm's adaptation and that modern women's attitudes on sex, although diametrically opposed to those of Victorian times, are no more liberating.

Unfortunately, these are concepts that are likely to go over the heads of those who think 'satire' is simply putting a funny twist on something. From that limited perspective, they may well find this story unfunny and boring.

'Pent' from New Haven, in the USA, writes:
Keli McTaggart and Miranda Givings deserve long, loud applause for this fine and bawdy rendering of the classic story. The outrageous style is so close to the British pantomime that I fully expect to see it on the stage around Christmas time, in one of the more private London clubs.
Tara Reid is proving a bit difficult to entice over here after her experience at Heathrow airport, so you may have to settle for Britney Spears playing Snow White's mum in a brunette wig with Nikki Reid as the heroine. We understand that only six dwarves with the required credentials have been hired so far, so if you fancy your chances do contact us with your vital statistics and a candid snap.

'Umar', from Karachi, in Pakistan writes:
This is a hilarious story. Bravo Miranda S Givings and Keli McTaggart... Can you write some more?
We have now...Little Red Riding Hood was published in January 2006. We hope you like it as much as Snow White.

Mercy Dannenberg, from the UK, writes: This story is simply wonderful! Making Snow White suffer from a 'speech impediment' was a brilliant way of reinforcing the message that our modern obession with the physical, sexual beauty of women not only demeans us, but condems those cursed with it to continually suffer the attentions of those least able to see beyond it. Though, in this case, the little slut got all she deserved! I was especially pleased that you retained all of the Grimm's original plot, cleverly updated, and the marvellous 'Spieglein, Spieglien an Der Wand...' rhyme. And what a sweet and perfect revenge your new ending is on the old Bag! I never did like the Grimm's conclusion. It seemed wholly out of place with the rest of the tale and there is some evidence that in other versions of the story which were circulating when they compiled their books, the ending is similar to yours. That is, the wicked stepmother is made to swallow her own poison both metaphorically and literally.

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