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Readers comment on:'Men - does size matter?'

'Billyboy' from Milton Keynes, in the UK, writes:
Note to all you fucking slags out there. There is more to sex than penis size. Fucking grow up and be happy with what u get. You fucking cunts! Your site is fucking awful. Fuck off!

'Dominique' from Niagara Falls, in Canada, writes,
Size does matters because the pleasure of the penetration comes from the pressure of the penis. So the greater the pressure, the greater the pleasure!!! And for those women out there who disagree—have ya tried a really BIG one?! And to all those men in denial, sorry guys! Women lie too! It's really not how you wiggle your worm, it's how deep you can fish! And you can't go deep-sea fishing with a worm; you need real big live-bait! Besides any real woman who is in touch with her sexuality isn't lookin for a wigglin! The fact remains, the whole point in doing it is to feel it! Six inches just don't cut it guys!

'Anon' from Yukon, in the USA, writes:
You think that 6 inches is too small. Are you aware that the average female vagina is about 6 inches deep? Still too small? Maybe your PUSSIES ARE TOO BIG YOU SODDING COWS! Yeah, the vagina stretches, maybe you shouldn't use the 10 inch dildo every time you poke yourself you floppy twatted cockmonger! You live in the UK If I'm not mistaken, and the average size for men there is way less than for men here, right? In the US I think an average of 9. Now, if you want a real dick then come to the US and get some REAL dick. Besides, you bitch too much, someone like you in the UK is lucky to get any. Snobby fucking Brit hoes.

'Chris', from New Orleans, in the USA writes:
OK, so you want a 12-inch cock are you bitches retarded maybe you should unloosen your gross pussies because 12 inches is so rare good luck finding it...your all full of shit..a thick 6-8 inch dick will make any gurl cum so stfu us guys don't like loose girls as much as you like big guys.

'Robert', from San Bruno, in the USA, writes:
I would bet dollars to cents that there are plenty of women that said size does not matter as much as you would have us believe. YOU just did not print it. Also, who says the women you interviewed didn't have pussies that were stretched way out of shape? Did you forget that some women are looser than others? I bet a good portion of the women you interviewed have more mileage on there love holes than my Toyota truck. My pecker is not anywhere near ten inches or even seven inches and when I fuck my wife she has two organisms. GET REAL.

Only two 'organisms', Bob? I think you may need to return that willy pump to the shop and complain that the manufacturer's claims have not stood up to close scrutiny. What all you sad wankers fail to grasp, is that this article is satirical. That means it's not true, Bob. Women don't give a stuff about the size of your willies as less than 2% of us orgasm through penetrative sex. It's our clitties you should be concentrating on, not our pussies. The whole point of this article is to demonstrate not only how unbelievably dim and insecure men are, but also how misinformed. You're the living proof, Bob.

'Sami,' from Melbourne, in Australia, writes:
I agree...size DOES matter, I do not, however, agree that 8 inches can be considered the 'bare minimum'...Unless the woman this 8 inched man is with has given birth to a fair few children then 8 inches I would consider sufficient. I enjoyed reading your story, but I think you should include more types of people with more preferences, the whole story seemed a little biased to me.

'Sticker' (45), from Birmingham, writes:
Penis. What a load of crap. You all live in a wonder world. Get to grips with your Virgina (sic) and stop fantasising.

We'd love to, Sticker, but I'm afraid tiny toys like yours just keep slipping out. Keep taking the tablets, darling. I'm sure those 'Herbal supplement for natural male enhancement' pills will work eventually.

'Chessmaster' (17), from London, dribbled:
Penis size. Firstly id like to say ur website is awful it must be written by men who dont know what there talking about as there no way women said them things on your internert site. Lastly, if and when i get to know you i will knock you da fuck out. PENIS SIZE DOESNT MATTER! EVERYONE KNWOS THAT so get running now u piece of shit.

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