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Child sex: why are we so fucked up about it?

'Ross', from Cleveland, in the USA, writes:
What can I say that essay was awesome! It really hit home with the profound outlook on sexuality within children, especially teens. I think we need to be more open about sex education as anything else we talk about in the world. It is only nature! So let nature take its course!!!

'Tim', from Athens, in the USA, writes:
Not often does one encounter intelligent, well-informed commentary on the web such as your article; ignorant, misguided ramblings are the norm. After reading this article, I felt the need to send it to several of my friends, most of whom are post-graduate academics. It is truly mind-boggling how completely warped the western consciousness has gotten in regards to sexual thoughts, feelings, and what is considered appropriate.

As a father of a 5-year-old boy, I, for one, have tried to teach him morals that make sense. I don't want him to grow up thinking that his body, or that of anyone else, is something to be ashamed of. Some may claim that I am dooming him to teenage fatherhood and a ruined, irresponsible life. Most parents forget that they need to counter such thoughts and notions with education, so that the child's sexual understanding comes with good judgement. I trust my child to make the right decisions because I fully intend to help him reach those understandings. I feel this is vitally important for all parents. TV and movies are a poor substitute for real parenting. Caring and responsible devoted parenting is the only way we can hope for our children to develop into sexually, morally and spiritually mature adults.

'Kevin', from Maryland, in the USA, writes:
I could not agree with you more. It is sick that sexual exploration between children is viewed so harshly. It is so nice to see there are some people with some common sense. I mean really, do the parents think they are doing their kids any favours by hiding sex from them? The parents think they are protecting kids and preserving their innocence. They don’t want their kids to masturbate because it’s not something their 'little angel' would do. The parents need to pull themselves out of their sick fantasy world where everything is perfect and their kids don’t experience sexual feelings. Parents AND laws need to back the hell out of children’s lives and they need to let them GROW UP!! One of your readers (Michelle) wrote: “When I was a child, young girl growing up...sure, there were those in the 'crowd' that were doing a little bit of 'exploring'...holding hands, kissing, etc.” She is obviously living on another planet from ours.

I am 18, and I can say I did more than just hold hands or kiss when I was younger, and I loved it. The freedom to explore myself and consenting others has helped me become more aware of my sexual Identity. Child sex needs to be made a RIGHT for every child growing up to help them mature and find themselves in this mixed up world. How can we expect them to grow into mature responsible adults that are ready to take on the world, when we have spent their entire lives 'protecting' them from it?

'Matthew', from Cambridge, in the UK, writes:
Finally an article that can see the adolescent world as it really is! I strongly agree with all the points made and think that it is about time that society changed. This sort of logical and obvious explanation to the 'horrors' of a modern society (e.g. paedophilia) needs to be widely publicised in order to change the ridiculous attitudes that we have towards sex. I try not to be one who criticises other religions (I am an atheist) but with the massive impact that Christianity has on the majority of our communities, it is clear that the teachings need to be modernised in some aspects to accommodate a modern society—not one that is 2000 years old. Finally I would like to thank you for writing this article, I can only hope that many more people can read and understand what you are trying to say.

'Shaun', from the West Midlands, in the UK, writes:
Child sex is a superb article. The way the media have portrayed this topic has, if anything, turned children into something they are not: forbidden. It is starting to feel like a new McCarthyism where everything featuring children is already suspect.

'Casey' (16), from Virginia, USA, writes:
Damn. That was a good article. That really needed to be said. I know it's true too, because I have been punished for masturbating, looking at pictures of naked people, 'going too far' with boys, etc. and I really don't think it was fair for my parents to restrict my sexuality like that. They didn't say 'use a condom' or 'be careful who you sleep with' or anything constructive like that—just "don't have sex." Maybe when I'm thirty and can talk with them on a quasi-equal level, I'll share this article with them.

'Paul' from Pontefract, in the UK, writes:
This article by Miranda Givings should be made compulsive reading in all newspapers and magazines of every country in the world. The scourge of paedophilia is a monstrous reaction to childhood/teenage sexual repression and a vicious circle that will never be eradicated, unless we take heed and have the courage to bring Miranda's opinions and concerns to liberal, like-minded people everywhere.

'Gabriella' from New Jersey, in the USA, writes:
Thank you for this article. I was actually looking for a write-up on when the 'church' started to recognise marriages and what type they were. But this write-up is right in there with that subject. Great job!

'Michelle' from North Hollywood, in the USA, writes:
When I was a child, young girl growing up...sure, there were those in the 'crowd' that were doing a little bit of 'exploring'...holding hands, kissing, etc., however, I do NOT agree with your bullshit about Child Sex! Since the beginning of mankind, young girls have had their periods at rather young ages, which was to accommodate the circumstances way back with the creation of mankind. Humanity has, in fact, ivolved(sic), whether or not young girls continue to reach puberty at young ages, or not. I do not agree with young kids, adolescents having any kind of Child Sex! I think you're a stupid bitch, with a foul fucking mouth looking for excuses for yourself and the rest of the whores in the Nation for conducting themselves in an immoral, disrespectful manner! People like you make me sick!

'John, from Manchester, in the UK, writes:
I welcome your article and I agree with the vast majority of what you've written. Just a few points: There IS paedophilia in the animal kingdom —a male will often 'mate' with his daughters, if the natural distribution of the individuals over their territory is restricted. A domestic 'Tom' cat is a prime example of that. 'The Church' cannot be wholly held to blame for sexual repression—it's part of Judaeo-Christian orthodox guilt, and thus thousands of years old. Of course, I can see that you are NOT condoning paedophilia, but there is widespread hypocrisy towards sex, in our tabloids, and amongst us, the readers. You are right to expose it.

'Kate' from Downham Market, in the UK, writes:
I agree that that you have a good point on this subject. I see exactly where you are coming from. I don't know if child abuse will ever be stopped but I feel the ways of punishing don't help. With no psychological treatment they will go on to offend again and again.

'Hazel' (14) from Devizes, in the UK, writes:
This was a very shocking article to read. I am not saying that you are completely wrong, however, I believe it depends on what you mean by children. Are you talking about children under 12, or teenagers 13+? I believe it is ok for children of 13+ to experiment with their sexuality, but I do not believe it is for children under this age. Perhaps this is this because of all the media that has been forced on to me from an early age. I do know that in history children were married and having children of their own as soon as they hit puberty, but things have moved on. Why should children’s childhood be taken away so early? I believe I am guilty of being small-minded on this matter but I do not believe that children should be exploring sexually before the age of 12.

'David' from Oxford, in the UK, writes:
At last! a voice of reason in this insane society. I was idly typing "society is fucked up" into google when I noticed your link saying 'Child sex: why are we so fucked up about it?' I read it and was relieved to find that I am not the only one who has noticed how unfair it is that our society oppresses and encourages repression in children and young people sexually and otherwise, and the fact that it is justified and encouraged. Yesterday I was watching the TV chat show 'Richard and Judy.' They had an article about schools and discipline, in one clip a teacher running a computer lesson had secretly filmed the 13-year-old students and one of them was on a porn site. Richard and Judy seemed horrified about 'a thirteen-year-old boy 'accessing a pornographic website.'

'Peter' from Canberra, in Australia, writes:
What you expressed about this topic has been like a breath of fresh air to me. I was going to say more about it, but after reading, what can I add? You said it all. So, in a few words: In today's guilt-ridden and increasingly suspicious world, it is wonderful that there are people who are willing and able to express opinions that take us back to some sort of normality and sanity. I congratulate you and support fully everything you have said and am really glad to have found your site, just by chance.

'Sean' from Calgary, Canada, writes:
Old world sources can more than likely be blamed for the immense imbalance in our society. I am a single father of a three-year-old boy who is the light of my life. Anyone who complains about your Child Sex article as being inapropriate is still supporting one of the many global problems that plague society. Thanks for your bravery!

'Kira Jia' from the USA, writes:
This was a Masterpiece article. Please don't ever stop illumining upon this theme. Did you know that the word 'pervert' derives from the Greek 'prevent'. i.e., the Ancient Grecians knew that if preventatives were placed upon natural liberties, perversions would be the side-effect? The misled 'more-ill majority' have got to stop foisting upon this world and the youth, a hell worse than any afterlife could facilitate. A life wherein one carries as a temple a sexual identity and yet is denied the expression of it.

'Jamie' from the UK writes:
This was the most REDICULESS artical i have EVER read. its NOT right for children to be having sex at such a younge age, that would take away their childhood and EVERYTHING.. you people dont want to be called petifiles so you make up this lame ass artical and OMG who ever made this artical realyl pissed me off. im 15, and i wouldnt want to have sex when im like. 8 or even 12? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU.

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