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Readers comment on: 'Chavs'

'Jord' from Telford, in the UK, writes:
Big up 2 all de chavettes n chavs in telford. ay o rude boi big up 2 madeley cort skwl luv.

Another 'Sarah' from Birmingham, in the UK, writes:
jst ritin dis 2 say that all chavs ent the same u no i thinks i sad treain ppl by wot they wear! i wear joggers n trackies ect. so wot i 15 n i ent pregnant or smokin spliffs like u lot r makin chavs out like. stop rulin out chavs n do ya site on sumthin worth readin. i cnt believe u got a problem wiv chavs n u dnt bova on ppl or die there black n slit the rists for the fun of it n wear all black like goths, at least we bring colour into it. just say in our side of the story.

'Kaite', from Birmingham, in the UK, writes:
Oh my God, was this bloke for real? Where does he get of saying shit like that? No wonder he has been getting death threats, this guy is a fucking knob!! I think it's wrong how people in today's society are judged by the way they dress and the music they listen to. I dress like a so-called Chav and I wear a lot of jewellery and listen to RnB music and I am also in my 2nd year of uni. Does that make me Chav Scum?

'Porsha', from Nottingham, in the UK, writes:
y r u lot dissin chavs like we were scum cuz were not just because we have more friends wot will do more like back u up wen u need it don't meen were lower class u lot need to check yourself and recognise wot ur sayin cuz in my word u lot r all cowards and all a bunch of bollocks you lot think ur higher then us well maybe we choose to be like this or we were grown up with less money then u at least were more street wise then you so if u eva get mugged don't expect a 'chav' to help you for shit you lot think were propa intimidatin we dont do nethin its u lot who wind us up and give us dirty looks all the time eyh we mite be poorer than you have less money than you but at least we have more class on the inside and we know wot the real worlds actually like so u lot can shut ur fucking mouths str8 away.

'Porsha' wins this month's prize for the longest, unpunctuated sentence we have ever published. Your Burberry thong is on its way to you, darling.

'Katie', from South Shields, in the UK, writes:
lyk a didnt read da Chav stories coz a new u wer disin chavs wots da point dis da real freaks goths at least chavs no how 2 hav fun n dai worship da devil or feel suicidal find sumit beta 2 do man u fuk ups.

'Sarah', from Halesowen, in the UK, writes:
I've just read the article on Chavs by Keli McTaggart, and thought it was brilliant! I'm doing a project on Chavs at the moment in college and this is excellent stuff! How do I get access to the survey that she mentioned: 'The largest survey ever conducted into the 21st Century phenomenon of the 'Chav'? Please email if you can help.

Er...pass, Sarah. Perhaps if you popped round to see Professor Morris Micklethwaite? a nice hoodie and thong? No? Well, if you're sure...

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