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A little-known Biblical parable - The Wise Husbandman and the Virgins

An old man proves that youth is no match for experience - Naked Girls Pool

A cheapskate gets more than his money's worth - Massage Parlour

A teenage runaway gives her father a nasty shock - Irish Morality

A bear hunter gets a nasty surprise in the woods - Bare Hunt

Man's best friend reveals his love for women - Dogs on Death Row

Two teenage girls get lucky - How to get a Free Shag

A little girl teaches a fireman a new trick - Fire Ingenuity

A woman tries to buy some panties - Dirty Panties

The Prime Minister gets a lesson in sematics - The Tragedy of Tony Blair

Smart Dogs compete to find out who is the cleverest - Clever Dogs

A father learns to appreciate his daughter's unusual lover - Plastic Boyfriend

What's what in the world of economic globalism - Capitalism finely defined

Definition of 21st Century Advertising terms for Girls - Marketing for Girls

An chap has a spot of bother making a deposit - Low Sperm Count

A young mother solves a perplexing medical mystery - Missing Bullets

An woman gets the better of a bouncer at a bar - Christmas Chihuahua

The answer may surprise you! - Who was Jesus?

A gentleman discovers the dangers of dishonesty - Don't lie to little girls

A couple of Cajun boys have language difficulties - Cajun Miss understanding

A honeymoon couple get a bit teed off - Below par

MI6 have trouble finding suitable recruits - A very wet job

The seamy underbelly of the Funeral biz exposed - Unsavoury Undertaking

A suicidal man gets a second chance - Surprised by Santa

A cowboy has a spot of bother with his dog - Dogged by misunderstanding

Please don't try this at home - Snatch-eating Frog

The dangers of life in the wilderness - Alaskan Party

Little Johnny surprises the schoolteacher - Teacher Training

A funny story about the answer to every girl's dreams - The Magic Willy

A funny story about the misfortunes of military life - Donkey Rides

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson camp it up - A tents tale

A little girl teaches her mummy a valuable lesson about sex - Sex Education

A little girl discovers what little boys really want - Immoral Earnings

A young woman gets an unexpected surprise! - Monkey business

A woman discovers the cause of her problems - Ed Zackerey disease

A shaggy story about the dangers of country sports - Rural Pleasures

A cunning Rabbi gives the Inland Revenue a hard time - Jewish Frugality

A tale of youthful enterprise and initiative - Sexual Blackmail

Funny short story about what call centres are doing to us - Held in a Queue

Don't try this at home! Heimlich Manoeuvre explained

A man discovers that hell is rather different to how he imagined it - A week in Hell

A geography lesson with a difference - Noah in Deep Shit

The triumph of youthful enthusiasm over old age - Pussy Willow

A salutary tale of the dangers of media exposure - The Vicar's Cat

Sometimes you get exactly what you wish for - Wishful thinking

(last updated 18th April 2006)
Jokes contributed by B Campestris, Mercy Dannenberg, Jennifer Gardner, Miranda Givings, Denim Sue, Felicity O'Toole, William Moore and many others too shy or sensible to be named

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Snow White and the Seven Dwarves - a classic fairy tale retold by
Miranda S Givings
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Keli McTaggart explains the dangers of WAP-enabled 3G Mobile Phones
Wrapping presents with a cat Wrapping presents with a cat
by Denim Sue
A Power Breakfast for MacUsersPower Breakfast How to make a bacon sarnie with two 1.25GHz PowerBooks
Men: don't answer her! Men: don't answer her!
Ms Givings reveals some dangerous questions..
Girl shaved just for kicks Girl shaved just for kicks - Jennifer Gardner reveals the strange topography of her vagina
Sex with a very large Woman Sex with a very large Woman - Robert Levin boldly goes where lesser men fear to tread
British Knob tests sex toy British Knob tests sex toy - Sir Percival Mountjoy gets to grips with a vibrating rubber arse
Ms Givings Very Personal Problem Pages

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