Dogged by misunderstanding
A Cowboy has a small communication problem with his dog

Late one afternoon a cowboy and his horse and dog were captured by hostile Indians. The horse was very welcome as the tribe were short of good mounts. The dog's fate was anybody's guess, but the cowboy was sure to be burned at the stake the following morning.

That evening, the Indian chief told the cowboy that he could have one last wish before meeting his ultimate fate the following morning. The cowboy told the chief that his last request was to see his faithful dog, Spot. When the dog was brought to him, the cowboy stroked his faithful friend and whispered something into his ear. At once the dog jumped up, ran through the Indian village and disappeared over the hill. This didn't particularly worry the Indians, as they didn't really know what to do with the dog anyway.

At about 8 o'clock that evening the dog returned accompanied by two dozen hookers from the nearest town. Needless to add, the Braves were delighted at the prospect of an evening's entertainment. The orgy went on all through the night. The following morning the chief crawled out of his tent on his hands and knees and told the cowboy that his burning was being postponed as the Braves didn't have the strength to tie him to the stake.
Later that day the chief said to the cowboy:
"In gratitude for furnishing those ladies last night, I'm going to grant you another request before you are burned at the stake."
Once again the cowboy requested to see his faithful dog. When the dog was brought out the cowboy again stroked and petted his faithful friend and whispered in his ear:
"This may be my last chance Spot, so please get it right this time — run to town and get the posse!"

Contributed by William Moore

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