Missing Bullets
A young mother solves a perplexing medical mystery

One day a pregnant woman walks into a bank to withdraw some cash, when three masked gunmen rush in and are soon engaged in a violent gun battle with police. Bullets fly everywhere, and the woman takes three in the abdomen. She is immediately rushed to hospital, terrified that she's lost her baby.

The doctors quickly discover that she's pregnant with triplets, not one of whom is hurt. Despite their best efforts the doctors cannot find the bullets anywhere. The woman later gives birth to three healthy children — two girls and a boy.

Shortly after the triplet's twelfth birthdays, the first girl comes running up to her mother, shouting: "Mummy, mummy, I passed a bullet in the toilet today!" So her mother sits the little girl on her lap and tells her all about the bank robbery twelve years ago.

Shortly after that, her other daughter comes running up saying: "Mummy, mummy, I passed a bullet today!" So again the mother sits the little girl on her lap and tells her about the bank robbery as well.

Later, her twelve-year-old son runs up to his her crying: "Mummy, mummy, you'll never guess what happened today!"
"Did you pass a bullet as well, darling?" she asks.

"No," he answers. "I was masturbating and I shot the dog!"

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